DUI Costs

DUI Costs

While there are costs associated with hiring a qualified driving under the influence (DUI) attorney, the costs are far greater if you are convicted of this serious crime. Not only will you be ordered to pay court costs and fines, you may also lose out on your wages if you have to take time off from your job in order to serve jail time, meet with your probation officer, or perform community service. In addition, your criminal record could affect your livelihood as some employers require a clean background check in order to extend a job offer.

DUI attorneys may charge an hourly rate or flat fee for their services. Many attorneys prefer the flat fee because it makes it easy for clients to know how much they will owe on the invoice and can plan accordingly. Typical DUI costs that are included in the flat fee include: copies, messenger services, investigators, independent laboratory testing fees, court reporter and transcription services, filing fees, and process servers, among other expenses.

While a flat fee may cover many costs, you could be required to pay an additional fee for expenses such as expert witnesses. Expert witnesses may include accident reconstruction specialists, forensic specialists, toxicologists, field sobriety testing experts, and police experts who can testify on your behalf during a DUI trial.

When selecting a DUI defense lawyer, you should inquire about their DUI costs upfront. This allows you to avoid any unexpected surprises down the road and clarifies your financial obligations. If you are worried that you cannot afford to hire an attorney, you can ask about payment plans. Some attorneys even accept credit cards to pay for their legal services.

While hiring a DUI lawyer may seem daunting, it really can be considered an investment in your future. Besides the penalties you face if convicted of a DUI infraction, you may also face the stigma of being labeled a drunk driver. A DUI record can also affect your chances when applying for a job, school, or even a loan.

To learn more about DUI costs, please submit your case online today. A skilled DUI defense lawyer in your area will contact you promptly to answer any questions you may have at this time.

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